Teepee slumber party in Cape Town – Sparkles theme


Teepees & Tassels invites you on an unforgettable sleepover adventure for girls and boys in Cape Town…

Slumber parties and camping create some of the best memories – and now you can combine both, in the comfort of your own home, without any hassle. Let us create a magical campsite so they can dream up their own fun – the timeless tradition of midnight snacks, games, ghost stories and lots of giggles! Best of all, our gorgeous handmade teepees fit two so it’s twice as nice and double the fun… It’s a night for forming friendships and making memories.

Our Teepees & Tassels team will come to you, set up and transform your space into a teepee wonderland – with beautiful bunting, gorgeous garlands, comfy cushions, twinkly fairy lights, lanterns, luxurious rugs and soft bedding – and when you’re done, take it all away, leaving only happy memories. All you need is a pillow and a sense of adventure. Book us for the ultimate teepee slumber party in Cape Town and you won’t regret it.

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Teepee Slumber Party Themes

Teepees & Tassels offers the best of both worlds – a fun, fabulous slumber party for kids without any hassle for parents. Simply choose from one of our gorgeous themes and let us do the rest …

Hassle-free delivery, set up and collection

Packages & Rates

  1. Closest friends (6 children)
  2. A few more (8 children)
  3. The whole crowd (10 children)


  1. Hassle Free!
  2. We deliver, set up and collect!

Added Extras

  1. Glamour Packs
  2. Glow Packs
  3. Pillowcase Art Kits


Teepee sleep over party in Cape Town Boho Bliss theme

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